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Probate Attorney Rochester Michigan

The Michigan Probate Attorneys at the Carthew Law Firm have been providing legal counsel to clients for 25+ years. When considering probating an Estate in the State of Michigan, our Rochester, Oakland County, Michigan law firm is dedicated to providing families and individuals the peace of mind and experience to help them navigate through the probate court process. Probate is the court process where we open and administer a decedent’s (dead persons) estate. The kind of probate opened depends on whether there was a valid will (testate) or the whether the person died without a will (intestate). If a person died without a will (intestate) the probate laws of Michigan govern how the estate is to be administered.


The essential steps in the probate process include:

  • Petition the Court for appointment of a Personal Representative
  • Identify and inventory estate property
  • Pay estate debts and taxes
  • Distribute remaining property per the terms of the will (testate) or Michigan statute (intestate)
  • Filing Appropriate tax returns


Sometimes disputes arise regarding the validity of a will or trust, the interpretation of the will or trust, or the actions of individuals and fiduciaries acting on behalf of the deceased.. When a probate dispute arises in the State of Michigan, our Rochester, Oakland County, Michigan law firm can assist in answering questions and resolving issues. Our Rochester, Oakland County, Michigan trust and probate lawyers represent beneficiaries and fiduciaries, including executors, trustees, conservators, and guardians, in the following probate and trust litigation matters:

  • Accounting actions
  • Claims against fiduciaries and appointed representatives such as power of attorneys
  • Trust contests – interpretation, construction and litigation
  • Will contests – interpretation, constructions and litigation
  • Joint Bank Account ownership issues
  • Real Estate and properties ownership issues
  • Life Insurance, annuity and financial account ownership issues


Our State of Michigan, Rochester, Oakland County Michigan Trust and Probate Attorneys provide a FREE review and a NO CHARGE office consultation. Important probate considerations include the ownership of assets and the State of Michigan’s right to seek reimbursement of long term care costs against the Estate. Included in the FREE review are a discussion on probate options, expected courts fees, and asset and debt ownership.


Based in Oakland County, the Carthew Law Firm represents clients throughout Metropolitan Detroit including Oakland County, Macomb County, Lapeer County, Wayne County, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township, Shelby Township, Troy, Oxford, Lake Orion, Warren and Sterling Heights.


Probate Attorney Rochester Michigan